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Moser Electric plumbing division, known for quality and customer service, now offers professional plumbing services. Moser plumbing provides competitive pricing and commonsense solutions for your home.

 Home Plumbing

Moser Electric plumbing division can design, build and repair the most challenging residential plumbing. Moser Electric plumbing division ensures that its designs meet or exceed those required by standard building codes. Moser Electric plumbing division also recommends and pursues permits for new construction, additions and most major renovations.

 New construction freshwater bathroom and kitchen plumbing is tested under pressure to eliminate leaks before the home’s water system activation. Appliances and fixtures are also installed as the finishing stages of home construction. Water quality is tested to ensure a safe water supply before the first keys turn in the doorlock.

Moser Electric offers free water quality and water pressure testing! Please call to learn more.

Hot water tank installation includes popular tankless water heater systems as well as the traditional tanked heaters. Additionally, Moser can repair or replace older hot water systems.

 Home Plumbing Repair

A home’s water pipes are an active water transportation system. Over time, pipes can fill with scale from hard water, reducing water flow, or fittings break from the constant water pressure.

Moser plumbing is skilled at making quick, long lasting repairs for congested pipes or leaks in both freshwater and sewer lines. Minimizing disturbance and downtime for homeowners is the goal.

Drains, sewers and pipes

Most customers don’t think about their drains and sewers until there is a blockage, or when their sewer pipes back-up and overflow. Moser plumbing can clear blocked pipes and replaced damaged or misaligned pipes for better waste flow and elimination of the problem.

Sump pumps, water main installation and water main repair are also important services for many homes. Moser Electric provides both the power supply and the installation for new sump pumps. If you have a wet or musty smelling basement, have us come take a look. your sump pump might not be working, or you might not have one at all.

 Water Treatment

Removing scale created by hard water is a great way to save your home’s plumbing without resorting to expensive replacement. Scale removal increases water flow and boosts performance in older pipes. Moser plumbing can install a variety of home water treatment systems, and maintain them.

 Water Right

Water Right cutting edge technology is far more effective than any other physical water treatment system on the market. Not only will the Water Right system eliminate lime scale from occurring in your home it will also remove existing build-up, increasing flow and efficiency.

Water Right is a great, affordable alternative to the replacement of a home’s plumbing system from hard water scale build-up.

Gas Services

Moser plumbing provides gas line service for those gourmets interested in cooking on a gas range, or for households who desire the extra warm heat provided by a natural gas furnace. Moser builds gas line systems that are secure, safe and friendly.

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