Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

Water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases by removing dangerous bacteria from drinking water. This is just the beginning of the list of harmful contaminants that an Home Water Filtration system will remove.

Did you know that the EPA reports that there are 450,000 children affected with lead poisoning every year from contaminated drinking water, and this contaminant along with many others could be eliminated by a water filtration system?

There are many water filtration systems on the market, but the effective systems use a carbon block to pass the water over. This system provides the most effective treatment of water by filtration. Water filters remove far more contaminants that other water treatment options. The carbon filtration stops virtually every contaminant from passing through to the drinking glass.

Community water may have up to 2100 known toxins in the drinking water, but a good carbon filtration system will catch them all. The wonderful objective of the carbon filter is to catch all of the lead and it does.

Moser Electric and Plumbing Water Filtration knows all about the capabilities of filtrations systems and also knows which system will work best in your home. The company knows what contaminates are in your water based upon where your water comes from. They can design a whole house filtration system that is ideal for bathing and washing clothes with. Or they can install a drinking water system only.

Water Filtration is the source for changing out the filters so that you can be sure of a high quality filter continuing to work for you. They will also upgrade your current system to the latest system available for your application.

You will want to upgrade when you learn about all of the advancements in water filtration technology. Chances are good that the systems on the market today are light years ahead of the system you have. Why not take advantage of the latest technology? Home Water Filtration is the source for that upgrade or for a new installation because they are uniquely equipped to install the latest equipment and they have the service staff to provide assistance after the installer leaves, which is only rarely required.​

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